What My Clients Are Saying…

A pro’s pro.

I’ve hired Kathy multiple times. And for good reason. She’s a pro’s pro. A writer’s writer. Kathy’s always on time, on budget, on brand and on message. Simple as that. That, and she’s one heck heck of a human being to boot.  –Paul Singer, Executive Creative Director, The Matale Line

An innate ability to write as an “insider.”

Kathy is an excellent copywriter and editor. She has worked on a number of projects for me and has the innate ability to write as an “insider.” She has saved me hundreds of hours of trying to explain what we do.  –Joanie Block, Chief Operating Officer, Seattle Science Foundation

She always hits the mark.

We’ve worked with Kathy on everything from collateral to direct mail, and she always hits the mark. She gets up to speed right away on the clients’ business, asks the right questions, and delivers with great attention to detail. Just as important, she’s a true pleasure to work with: the perfect combination of buttoned-up pro and a friendly colleague and collaborator. I can’t recommend her highly enough. –Richard Mockler, Senior Vice President, New Markets and Innovation, OptumHealth Behavioral Solutions

Truly flawless and inspired.

Kathy is simply one of the two best writers I’ve ever worked with in 25 years in Advertising/Marketing. Whether it’s big picture concepting or nitty gritty brochure and web copy, she gets the client quickly and her writing is truly flawless and inspired! –Teresa Riefflin-Ellis, Principal, The Matale Line

I’ve never worked with a writer who has such a fine ear.

Over the years I’ve worked with Kathy on dozens of projects for clients including Microsoft, Washington Mutual, Liberty Orchards… I think we even recruited families to a private school once. She created award-winning work for them all. I have never worked with a writer who has such a fine ear, or brings such intelligence to her assignments. –Phil Herring, Partner, Sailboat Owners.com (Former CEO, Herring/Newman Direct)

Made lemons into lemonade.

I was given many projects that were lemons at OptumHealth Financial. Kathy helped me make these lemons into lemonade by removing the confusing jargon, reworking and simplifying overtly complex unnecessary language, and translating it so it would be understandable to the audience. Kathy’s work on these projects created communications that stood out amongst a sea of confusing corporate jargon and nonsense. I highly recommend Kathy for all your communication needs.–Pasquale diCrosta, Marketing Manager, OptumHealth